Notice on the announcement of the list of the fourth batch of talents and projects of affiliated enterprises in Lishui "double hundred leading plan"

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Personnel offices, human resources and social security bureaus of county (city, district) committees, and municipal units:

According to the spirit of the "Implementation Opinions on the" Leadership Plan for 100 Doctors Entering 100 Enterprises in Lishui "" (Li Weiren [2014] No. 12), based on the needs of enterprises and the selection and matching of talents in universities and research institutes , Public announcement, cooperation filing procedures and other procedures, 60 people including Ye Zhen were identified as the fourth batch of talents in the "Double Hundred Leading Program", and the list is now announced. The post will be suspended for two years, from July 2019 to July 2021.

It is hoped that all on-the-job talents, dispatched units, on-the-job enterprises and comprehensive management departments, etc. will follow the "Implementation of the" 100 Doctors in One Hundred Companies Talent Leadership Program "work implementation plan" and "Lishui" Double Hundred Leadership Program "for the selection of doctoral management evaluation methods And other documents, earnestly perform relevant work responsibilities, jointly promote the effectiveness of the “Double Hundred Leading Plan” work, and provide the necessary talent and intellectual support for the city to promote high-quality green development and open up a new realm of “green water and green hills are Jinshan and Yinshan” .

Attachment: Lishui City's "Double Hundred Leading Plan" The fourth batch of listed companies' talents and projects were selected

Office of the Leading Group for Talent Work of the Lishui Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China Lishui Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

July 9, 2019