The public list of the fourth batch of talents and projects in the "Double Hundred Leading Program" of Lishui City

2019-06-18 14:08:50 154

According to the spirit of the “Implementation Opinions on the“ Leadership Plan for 100 Doctors Entering 100 Enterprises ”in Lishui” (Li Weiren [2014] No. 12), on the basis of enterprise self-matching, demand matching with talents in universities and research institutes, The cooperation filing, agreement signing and other procedures determined that 60 people including Ye Zhen were the fourth batch of talents in the "Double Hundred Leading Program", and the list of talents and projects selected is now publicly announced.

Publicity time: June 18 to June 24, 2019, a total of 5 working days.

Ways to reflect the problem: If you have any objections to the candidates for publicity, you can report them to the receiving unit through letters, calls, visits, etc. Reflect the situation by seeking truth from facts, the content is specific, and advocate the real name of the department for investigation and verification.

Accepting unit: Lishui City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Technical Office, Address: Room 1128, Lishui City Chamber of Commerce Building, Post Code: 323000, Tel: 2091243, Fax: 2091240.

Attachment: Lishui City's "Double Hundred Leading Plan" The fourth batch of listed companies' talents and projects were selected

Lishui Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

June 18, 2019