Work plan of the "double random" joint spot-checking activities of enterprises in the field of market supervision in Longquan City

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"Double random" joint spot check of enterprises in market supervision field of Longquan City

Programme of work for the event

In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of "double random and one open" on-site supervision meeting in the market supervision field of the whole province, in accordance with the spirit of the notice on joint spot check of "double random" enterprises in the market supervision field of Zhejiang Province (zgsqg [2017] No. 21) issued by the provincial administration of industry and commerce, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and the provincial food and drug administration, as well as the unified deployment of Lishui Municipal Bureau and the actual situation of Longquan, the company has formulated The programme of work is as follows:

1、 Work objectives

By comprehensively implementing the "double random" spot check system in the field of market supervision, establishing and consolidating the "standard based supervision and one-time in place" mechanism with Zhejiang characteristics, improving the ability of supervision during and after events, reflecting fairness and justice, reducing the burden of enterprises, optimizing the business environment, and stimulating market vitality.

2、 Working organization

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the spot check, the Municipal Bureau established a "double random" joint spot check leading group (hereinafter referred to as the "leading group"), with director ye xiansen as the group leader, deputy director Li Chunhua as the Deputy group leader and heads of relevant units as members. As the leading department of "double random and one open" supervision, the enterprise supervision department is responsible for overall coordination and supervision of the implementation of the work; relevant business departments should provide business guidance for matters involving spot check, and if necessary, they can apply for additional business backbones to participate in the inspection according to the inspection team, at the same time, they should do a good job in dynamic management of the corresponding special library; the office should do a good job in system maintenance and technical support Hold, do a good job in the account opening and authority setting of all personnel in the warning system; the laws and regulations department should do a good job in the construction and management of the personnel base; the discipline inspection team should conduct the whole process supervision and evaluation of the spot check activities; all units should strengthen the sense of unity and cooperation, and provide the convenience conditions such as law enforcement vehicles and assistance and cooperation for the inspection teams to carry out the spot check activities.

3、 Task

According to the joint spot check task set by the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and the provincial food and drug administration, as well as the randomly selected inspection objects, the task of this spot check activity is four special spot checks for a total of 100 enterprises:

(1) In 2016, 92 enterprise annual reports were randomly inspected for information and registration items;

(2) 7 special spot checks on the affiliated enterprises of the dishonest executee;

(3) One food business (Sales) unit was randomly selected;

(4) One drug handling (retail) enterprise was randomly selected.

In this spot check activity, "one-time spot check and comprehensive physical examination" is conducted for the inspected objects, and the inspection contents of the spot check items related to the market supervision field of the same enterprise are completed at one time, so as to realize "full coverage and one-time inspection" in the market supervision field.

4、 Work steps

(I) preparation stage (September 6th -10 16)

1. Develop work programme. According to the requirements of the provincial and Lishui municipal bureaus, receive the task of spot check, adjust and confirm the list of inspected enterprises, formulate the work plan of spot check activities, report it to Lishui Market Supervision Bureau, Lishui Quality Supervision Bureau and Longquan editorial board office, and publish it on Longquan government affairs network (responsible unit: enterprise supervision section).

2. Identify inspectors. According to the random inspection tasks and the strength of law enforcement personnel of each institute, 11 inspection teams were set up with 3 persons in each group, including 1 law enforcement personnel of industry and commerce, food and Drug Administration and quality supervision, with 1 person as the team leader, responsible for the organization and coordination in the inspection process. Among them, Longyuan, Jianchi and Xijie each set up two groups, and Anren, Chatian, Badu, Jinxi and Shanglong each set up one group (responsible unit: each market supervision office).

3. Take out inspectors. In this random inspection activity, the inspection team and the inspected object are randomly matched, and the inspection team and the inspected enterprise are locked one by one (Annex 1: the "double random" joint random inspection task grouping table of enterprises in the market supervision field of Longquan City), and the specific random inspection task of the enterprise (responsible unit: enterprise supervision section, discipline inspection team).

4. Organize business training. Compile and print the learning materials of "double random" spot check work, organize the system law enforcement personnel to learn the implementation rules and business standards of "double random" spot check supervision, understand the main function settings of the comprehensive supervision and warning system, and master the relevant application operations of "double random" comprehensive spot check management system (hereinafter referred to as "spot check system") (responsible unit: enterprise supervision section).

(2) Implementation stage (October 17-30)

1. Check in advance. According to the basic situation of the enterprise and the requirements of "one time in place", the "2 + X" items involved in the spot check of the enterprise are determined, that is, the enterprise registration items and the enterprise publicity information are required to be checked, and the other inspection contents are determined according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and all involved items are included in the inspection. According to the method of "one enterprise, one form", print the special inspection form of each inspection item and the record form of random inspection in the field of market supervision (summary form). At the same time, through pre investigation and comparison, if it is found that there are avoidance situations or inspection items that need to be attended by additional specific personnel, it is necessary to apply to the leading group for adjustment or selection (responsible unit: each inspection group, enterprise supervision section).

2. Issue notice. Inform the inspected object of relevant requirements for cooperation with the inspection, and prompt to prepare relevant materials. The laws, regulations and rules clearly stipulate the inspection items that cannot be notified, and shall not disclose the relevant information to the enterprise (responsible unit: each inspection team).

3. On site inspection. Refer to the inspection contents and operation essentials in the random inspection record form, and carry out on-site inspection on all random inspection items of the inspected object. The number of on-site inspectors shall not be less than two and they shall show their law enforcement certificates. In case of any abnormality such as violation of laws and regulations, the on-site record and preliminary record shall be made as the case may be