Notice of the Lishui City Work Safety Supervision Administration on the implementation of the provincial bureau standardization enterprise random inspection report to strengthen the work safety standa

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County (city, district), Lishui Economic Development Zone Safety Supervision Bureau:

In order to further promote the standardization work in accordance with the law, fully understand the actual situation of standardization work in various parts of the province, urge enterprises to standardize the operation and management, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of standardization, the provincial bureau has mobilized and vigorously inspected 102 standardization enterprises in the province, and the inspection situation is not optimistic. , Effective operation, basic operation and basic non-operation enterprises accounted for 28.43%, 37.25% and 34.31% of the total number of random inspection enterprises. Among them, the standardization operation of the second-level standardization enterprises is obviously better than that of the third-level standardization enterprises, and the basically non-operating second-level and third-level standardization enterprises account for 22.64% and 48.98% of the total number of spot checks of the second-level and third-level standardization enterprises, respectively.

The spot check involved a total of 7 companies in Lishui, including 4 second-tier companies and 3 third-tier companies, with the exception of 1 mining company, all of which are industrial and trade enterprises; only 1 enterprise is recognized as an effective operation, which is Zhejiang Province. Suichang Gold Mine Co., Ltd .; two companies that were identified as basic non-operating companies, namely Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Longquan Zhongtai Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd .; Zhejiang Shuangfeng Plastic Industry, Zhejiang Feirong Door Industry, Zhejiang Shuangfeng Four companies including Feng Valve Manufacturing and Zhejiang Autoli Car Washing Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. were identified as basic operations.The Provincial Bureau's "Notice on Spot Checks by Enterprises Compliance with Work Safety Standardization" please log in. The following opinions are proposed on further strengthening the work safety standardization work in our city. All localities are required to implement the notification requirements of the Provincial Bureau together.

1. Improve ideological understanding

Since the completion of the city ’s compliance with the city ’s regulations in 2014 and the in-depth standardization of enterprises with annual output values of 5-20 million yuan in 2015, the “expansion” of standardization enterprises has achieved the expected results, but the “quality improvement” Not fully implemented. On the one hand: some enterprises and the person in charge of the enterprise have insufficient understanding of the importance of safety production standardization construction, thinking that this is a government matter, too troublesome, afraid of spending money, and dealing with the matter; some enterprises have re-established and lightly operated, and the standard After the failure to carry out management and continuous improvement according to the standardization requirements; some enterprises are satisfied with the low scores and meet the standards, turning a blind eye to the rectification issues raised by the review agency, reluctant to invest, and the hidden danger problems have long existed; Standardized return visit. On the other hand: the failure of the regulatory authorities to include the standardization of standard-compliant enterprises in the scope of law enforcement is also an important reason for the “substantial progress” in “quality improvement”. All localities should attach great importance to the problems existing in the standard operation of enterprises that meet safety production standardization standards, and must deeply understand that enterprise safety production standardization is an important starting point for safety supervision departments to strengthen supervision according to law and enterprises to implement the main responsibilities. An important platform for management responsibilities and intrinsic safety is an important carrier for solving the "unknown, ignorant, and impossible" of enterprises in safety management. All localities should earnestly increase the standardization propaganda and training, pay attention to demonstration and guidance, strengthen supervision and law enforcement, and promote the work of standardizing the safety production of enterprises according to law.

2, strengthen service supervision

(1) Fully implement the problems found by the provincial bureau's random inspection of enterprises. From the establishment, review, enterprise participation, intermediary agency services, etc., it helps companies to deeply analyze the main reasons for the basic non-operation, and takes effective measures to guide enterprises in accordance with the "five" Staff participation and training education) to implement standardized management.

(2) Carry out special inspections for enterprises that meet the standardization standards. In 2016, due to bankruptcy, suspension of production, major safety hazards, or non-operation of standardization, the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau cancelled 18 third-level compliance companies. All localities are required to strictly follow the requirements of the "Notice on Strengthening the Quality Control of Enterprise Safety Standardization Review" (Li'an Committee Office [2013] No. 43) document by the Municipal Security Committee to include the inspection of standardization-compliant enterprises into the annual law enforcement plan and carefully organize the standardization compliance For special inspections by enterprises, the number of inspectors shall be no less than 20% of the total number of local enterprises that meet the standards, and urge enterprises to pay attention to the operation of standardized systems. Strict supervision, and companies that fail to implement the rectification and the system fails to report to the Municipal Bureau in a timely manner to cancel their standardization level and reduce their safety and integrity level as required. The special inspection shall be reported to the Comprehensive Department of the Municipal Bureau and the Technical Service Center every six months.

(3) Effectively strengthen supervision and management of intermediary agencies. Intermediary agencies are urged to strictly implement the relevant standards, seriously carry out consultation, review and return visits, and suspend or cancel the review qualifications for the acts prescribed in Article 5 of Li'an Committee Office [2013] No. 43 document.

3. Related work requirements

 (1) The provincial bureau will randomly check the county (jinyun, longquan) safety supervision department where the enterprise is located. Please report the rectification of the enterprise to the technical service center of the municipal safety supervision bureau by the end of February; contact person: Zhang Liang, contact phone number: 2168835;

(2) All county (city, district) safety supervision bureaus are reminded that the secondary standardization enterprises in their jurisdictions upload the "Self-assessment Report" to the "Zhejiang Enterprise Safety Production Standardization Information Management System" before the end of each year, so as to avoid the application for exemption for enterprises Impact of renewal;

 (3) If the third-level standardization enterprise applies for exemption from examination and renewal of the certificate, the exemption from examination shall not be granted if the time for reporting is less than 20 days from the expiration date of the certificate;

(4) The review agency shall implement the return visit system, in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau's "Notice on Clarifying the Issues of Reassessment and Renewal of Certificates for Third Level Standardization Enterprises of the City" (Li'an Supervision [2015] No. 54), every June and the end of December Before, report the visit of the enterprise to the Technical Service Center of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau (the "zero report" system is implemented if the enterprise does not conduct a return visit).

Attachment: 1. Circular of Zhejiang Provincial Work Safety Supervision and Administration Bureau on the spot check of enterprises that have reached the standard of production safety standardization

2. List of random inspection companies in 2016 and the results of random inspection

Lishui City Administration of Work Safety

January 16, 2017