What are the types of car accessories?

2023-10-09 10:08:54 admin 5

1. Engine accessories: cylinder head, body, oil pan, etc.

2. Crank connecting rod mechanism: piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, connecting rod bearing, crankshaft bearing, piston ring, etc

3. Valve distribution mechanism: camshaft, intake valve, exhaust valve, rocker arm, rocker arm shaft, tappet, push rod, etc.

4. Intake system: air filter, throttle, intake resonator, intake manifold, etc.

5. Exhaust system: ternary catalyst, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe

6. Transmission accessories: flywheel, pressure plate, clutch plate, transmission, shift control mechanism, transmission shaft (universal joint), wheel hub, etc.

7. Brake system accessories: brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, vacuum booster, brake pedal assembly, brake disc, brake drum, brake pad, brake oil pipe, ABS pump, etc.

8. Steering system accessories: steering knuckle, steering gear, steering column, steering wheel, steering rod, etc.

9. Driving accessories: steel rims, tires.

10. Suspension category: front axle, rear axle, swing arm, ball joint, shock absorber, coil spring, etc.

11. Ignition accessories: spark plugs, high-voltage wires, ignition coils, ignition switches, ignition modules, etc.

12. Fuel system accessories: fuel pump, fuel pipe, fuel filter, fuel nozzle, oil pressure regulator, fuel tank, etc.

13. Cooling system accessories: water pump, water pipe, radiator (water tank), radiator fan.

14. Lubrication accessories: oil pump, oil filter element, oil pressure sensor.

15. Electrical instrument accessories: sensors, lighting fixtures, ECU, switches, air conditioners, wiring harnesses, fuses, motors, relays, horns, actuators.

16. Lamp category: decorative lights, anti fog lights, indoor lights, headlights, front turn signals, side turn signals, rear combination lights, license plate lights, and various types of bulbs.

17. Switch category: combination switch, window regulator switch, temperature control switch, etc.

18. Air conditioning: compressors, condensers, drying bottles, air conditioning pipes, evaporation boxes, blowers, air conditioning fans.

19. Sensors: water temperature sensor, intake pressure sensor, intake temperature sensor, air flow meter, oil pressure sensor, oxygen sensor, knock sensor, etc.

20. Body accessories: bumpers, doors, fenders, windshields, pillars, seats, center console, hood, trunk cover, sunroof, roof, door locks, armrests, floors, sills, etc.

21. Other accessories: airbags, seat belts, etc.